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Vremea in Bucuresti - Prognoza pe 10 zile

     Supply and demand translates in our vision into the provision of a carrier service to respond to the needs of an extremely rigorous market. In Bucharest and throughout the entire country, our network ensures an extensive coverage definitely superior to any other nationwide transportation infrastructure. Moreover, our traditional over the road solution, as far as distribution is concerned, has proved to be our top product, being the basis of our longstanding partnerships, as it allows us to customize the costs and implicitly, to minimize your financial effort.

     Our headquarters provides storage spaces, offering thus the possibility of completing our range of services with an integrated package, according to your needs.

     AXXA Company operates both nationwide and internationally, providing transportation services with the commitment to service, safety, damage-free and cost-efficient delivery of non-perishable freight. Whatever the quantity and the distance, we are here, around the clock
     We had the chance to prove our outstanding competence collaborating with important customers, demonstrating at the same time, that a partnership, much like an alliance, can be powerful due to common goals and envisioning mutual benefit.

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